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How To Talk To Your Children About Your Nose Job

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If you choose to have work done on your nose, whether it is for practical purposes or aesthetic purposes, you are going to need to explain to your children why you have a large bandage on your nose and had to go to a doctor. Here are some tips for explaining your nose job to your children.

1. Explain That It's Private

First, emphasize to your children that talking about your nose job or any other health and medical issues that anyone in the family is having is only appropriate within the family, not with friends. Try to frame medical procedures and cosmetic procedures as similar to going to the bathroom. Some people might not want to talk about what happens when they go to the bathroom or what happens when you go to the bathroom and that's why you don't talk about it with everyone you meet. If you frame your procedure in terms of things that your children already understand, you will be able to keep your nose job private for as long as you feel comfortable.

2. Warn Them Ahead of Time

Tell your children ahead of time that you are going in for a procedure and tell them that you might come back with a big bandage on your nose and your face might be a different color because of the swelling. This will allow your children to know what to expect and to not be shocked when you come back.

3. Tell Them Why You Had the Procedure Done

If your children are not old enough to understand the abstract concept of self-esteem, simply tell them that you had a doctor change your nose because you kept being distracted by it and it was making it hard to focus on work or on playing with them. Your children will understand being distracted and the importance of staying focused. 

If your children are old enough to understand self-esteem, tell them the exact truth. You can simply say that you didn't really like the way that your nose looked and you thought about it for a very long time and decided to change it so that you didn't have to think about it anymore. This will allow you to succinctly explain why you had a nose job to your children without emphasizing physical beauty above anything else, which could make your children more focused on their own flaws.

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