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Recovering From Breast Augmentation Surgery

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If you are interested in having breast implants placed to enhance your bust line, you will soon be enjoying the curves your new figure has after the process is completed. Along with the new look however comes some recovery time. Here is a synopsis of what you can expect when recovering from a breast implant surgery in an attempt to make you comfortable during this time. 

Using Pain Management

You will experience some pain after your surgery is completed. The amount you will need to endure will depend on the placement of the implants. If you opt to have them placed above the muscle, the pain will be a little less involved than if you have them placed underneath.

Your doctor will prescribe pain medication for you to take for several weeks following the surgery. Be sure to follow instructions regarding dosage. If you try to wean yourself from medication prematurely, you may find yourself to be in quite a bit of pain. This would continue as you wait for medication to build back up within your system.

Dealing With Incisions

If you opt to have your incisions placed under your armpit area, you may experience a bit of bruising as they heal. To reduce inflammation in this area, place bags of frozen vegetables inside hand towels and hold them over the affected locations. The coloring of your scars can be dulled with the use of some Vitamin E capsules to take redness away from the skin. These can be purchased from the vitamin section from a home goods store

. Regardless of where the incisions are placed, they will experience some pain and itching as they heal. Do your best to avoid scratching or rubbing these areas. The ice packs can help numb the skin to reduce itching and pain temporarily.

Making Tasks Easier

Take the time to shave your armpits before you go into surgery as you most likely will not be able to do so for several days afterwards. Set up your bedside table with the things you will need to access daily so you have them readily available while you rest in bed following your surgery. Having these things ready beforehand will save you the trouble in needing someone else to search for them in your home.

Invest in button down pajamas and shirts so you can easily get changed while you heal. You may find that lying in a tub of warm water is soothing to your incision as you heal. Avoid public swimming pools and hot tubs until your doctor says your incision is healed enough to use them.