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Undergoing Laser Lipo After Giving Birth

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Many women feel insecure about their weight and bodies after giving birth, and while you may recover some of your old figure in the following months, it is usually hard for new mothers to get back into shape. Many parents find that they barely have time to sleep, let alone head to the gym or go for a run. Because of this, many women are now choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures to help shed their unwanted weight more quickly. Rather than subject yourself to an invasive procedure like standard liposuction while you have a baby to worry about, it may be better to undergo non-invasive laser fat reduction instead to keep you on your feet and moving. 

Waiting for Your Weight to Settle

Most cosmetic surgeons will require new mothers to wait for several months to a year before undergoing any kind of procedure. Not only does your body need time to recover from the trials of labor, but it will also take a while for everything to settle back into place. Your uterus will contract and your body will shed water weight for months after giving birth, meaning you may end up looking very different than you did when you came home from the hospital. 

Targeting Problem Areas Caused by Pregnancy

Laser liposuction works by targeting the layer of fat that rests under your skin using specially tuned lasers to damage the unwanted fatty tissues. The fat is then removed through tiny incisions, leaving you feeling toned, healthy, and years younger. The areas most successfully targeted by laser liposuction happen to also be some of the most frequent offenders post-pregnancy, such as the abdomen, hips and thighs. Consult with your cosmetic surgeon to get a better idea of how effective laser liposuction will be for your individual case. 

Combining Laser Lipo with Other Procedures

In some cases, women elect to undergo a few different cosmetic procedures within a short time, both to minimize recovery time and to coordinate the changes. One of the more popular simultaneous procedures is a tummy tuck, which can be used to conceal loose skin brought on by sudden weight loss or pregnancy. If you are interested, speak to your surgeon about the possibility of undergoing more than one operation to produce better, more natural-looking results. 

Recovering as a Parent

The primary benefit of laser liposuction is that it is less invasive than standard liposuction, allowing you to be back up and parenting within a shorter period of time. Life with a baby can be hectic enough without the hassle of either surgery or an intensive fitness regimen. Laser lipo can help you meet the responsibilities of parenthood without sacrificing your appearance. If you have been feeling flabby and self-conscious since giving birth, begin exploring your cosmetic options today by calling your local laser-surgery practitioner, such as one at Satori Body Contouring Day Spa, today.