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Why Breast Augmentation And Alcohol Do Not Mix

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If you have a breast augmentation surgery scheduled, then your cosmetic surgeon will likely give you a variety of tips to ensure that your procedure is successful and you see the desired results once you heal. During your initial consultation, you may be advised to stay away from alcohol for some time as you heal. This is important for a number of reasons. Keep reading to learn about a few issues that can develop if you choose to drink.

Reduced Hydration

If you choose to drink alcohol, then you are likely to experience some dehydration. Alcohol affects a specific chemical released by the brain called anti-diuretic hormone. The hormone acts on the kidneys and tells them to absorb more water. This helps to keep more fluid in the blood, and it allows your body to stay hydrated overall. 

Since alcohol inhibits the release of anti-diuretic hormone, more water is collected by the bladder and released during urination.

If you become dehydrated after your breast surgery, the byproducts of the healing process can collect. Since there is not enough fluid to carry them away from the tissues, this can lead to a buildup and an increase in inflammation. The healing process may lengthen, and you are likely to feel discomfort as inflammatory chemicals linger in the breast tissue. 

Increased Infection Risks

You will be prescribed an antibiotic after your cosmetic procedure. The medication helps to eliminate bacteria to reduce your infection risk. If you drink alcohol with your antibiotics, the drugs will still work as intended. It is a myth that alcohol counteracts the effects of the medicine. While this is true, alcohol can reduce effectiveness in a variety of different ways. Specifically, alcohol can intensify the side effects of the medicine. 

One antibiotic side effect includes nausea, and nausea will often worsen if you drink alcohol. If you vomit after taking the antibiotic, your body will not have an opportunity to completely absorb the drug. When you consume less of the antibiotic, your infection risk will increase. 

Also, since your body will need to work hard to eliminate the alcohol from your body, your body is placed under more stress. This stress can keep your immune system from working at its best, and this increases your chances of forming an infection as well.

It is best to avoid alcohol completely after your breast augmentation surgery until you are done taking your antibiotic medication.

If you want to know more about breast surgery and how alcohol can affect your recovery, speak with a cosmetic professional.