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Not Just For Women Only: 4 Ways Any Man Can Benefit From Plastic Surgery

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Everyone gets older, but it seems the anti-aging industry is geared mostly towards women. That doesn't mean you, as a man, aren't just as self-conscious about how you look, it simply means that business and advertising haven't caught up with your needs and wants yet. That's all starting to change, though, as more and more men seek the help of plastic surgeons to regain the taut, toned, and tantalizing perks of youth.

1. A Mid-Life Neck Lift

Even if your face and body haven't quite caught up with your chronological age yet, your neck most likely has. Unfortunately, this tell-tale area sustains a lot of damage from the sun, as it's not often covered up, nor do most people religiously protect it with sunscreen. A neck lift, called a lower rhytidectomy by plastic surgeons, can rid you of that wobbly skin that adds years and pounds to your overall appearance. Post-op healing shouldn't take more than a month, so you'll be back to your usual routine in no time at all, only minus that dangling neck you're so self-conscious about.

2. Eye-Opening Eyelid Rejuvenation

The eye area, covered by thin and delicate skin, also tends to age faster than the rest of your face, and for men and women alike, drooping eyelids are a nemesis of aging. This procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat, followed by tightening of the surrounding muscles, leaving your eyes looking more "normal" and less withered, worn, and weary.

3. Gynecomastia Surgery (Shh!)

If you're really embarrassed, to the point where you won't even discuss the size of your male breasts, you should probably do something about it. While many women opt for larger breasts through plastic surgery, more men than you might think are in the same situation as you and take the surgical plunge to have theirs reduced. In fact, one in four men in America is facing the problem of breast swelling and tenderness, so consider yourself in good company and talk to a cosmetic surgery specialist about solving the problem, especially if it's stressing you out a lot.

4. Buff Body Contouring

Maybe you don't have the genetic code that keeps your body in amazing shape with little effort, nor do you have the time to work out non-stop at they gym, but you're definitely not satisfied with your belly, bottom, or upper arms? These are typical issues of both genders and often increase in and after middle age. Body contouring, including liposuction, are medical shortcuts you can take to gain a more fit and attractive look that can also improve your health along the way, most especially if the boost to your ego prompts you to spend more time and effort exercising. Liposuction actually involves a surgeon loosening fatty tissue from under your skin and permanently removing it, giving you a major head start on getting into shape.

If you're not pleased when you look in the mirror and there's something you can do about it, why shouldn't you? Cosmetic procedures aren't just for women only, and they can go a long way towards improving how you look and how you feel, which in turn can benefit your life in countless ways. Although there will come a day when you'll have to love and accept all your age-related imperfections, there's nothing wrong with putting that day off as long as possible.