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How Visible Are Breast Implant Surgery Scars?

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Getting breast implants can significantly boost how a person feels about themselves, but it's reasonable to wonder how obvious it will be that you have implants. Breast implant surgery requires opening up the tissues to place the implant, and scars are sometimes a reality for some women. Here's what you need to know about breast implant scarring and how to minimize your risk.

Surgery's Invasiveness

Surgery is, by its nature, an invasive procedure. Any time the body is surgically opened up to do anything, there's the potential for a scar to be left behind. However, keep in mind that your surgeon will do everything they can to prevent a scar from forming.

Surgeons keep breast implant surgery as minimally invasive as possible. Many now use minuscule tools to move the implant into place without opening a large incision on the body. This can help to dramatically reduce the size and depth of any scars left behind, or it may eliminate them entirely.


Another big factor to consider is that people who opt for this surgery now have a choice about where the incisions end up.

At one point, breast implants were placed with an incision directly under the breast. However, this wasn't very popular, as it would leave a noticeable incision mark or scar, which could make some women feel self-conscious about baring their chests.

These days, surgeons can place breast implants by making an incision in the armpit, or even as far away as the navel. This means that even if you're left with a small incision scar, it won't be a clear sign that you've undergone breast implant surgery.

Patient's Responsibility

Finally, keep in mind that how you treat your body after surgery and how well you follow your surgeon's directions also play a role in scar formation.

Patients who follow directions when keeping the incision from their surgery clean, covered, and protected are less likely to form a significant scar. In addition, you should allow yourself time to rest and recover rather than trying to power through it. Your incision will need time to heal, and giving it this time will prevent it from being stretched or squeezed due to moving around excessively while doing things like working out, which can cause scarring.

Keeping your incision clean plays a huge role in scarring, too. You're much more likely to develop a scar if you develop a secondary infection after the procedure is finished. This usually happens with poor incision care, so follow your surgeon's directions precisely.

Breast implant surgery can be accomplished with little to no scarring. Reach out to an experienced plastic surgeon and ask to see their portfolio so that you can see for yourself how little scarring their patients had after the procedure and healing process was complete.