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How Botox Injections Work To Reduce The Development Of Deep Wrinkles As You Age

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You know that Botox injections reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles in the present, but you may not know that regular injections could help prevent future wrinkles. Everyone's skin is different since your history of skin care, genetics, and skin thickness affect how you develop wrinkles. This creates a range of when it's time to start the injections. You may not want to start Botox until you're in your thirties or forties while someone else may want to start in their twenties. Here's a look at why these injections work and how they might reduce deep wrinkles from forming in later life.

The Effect Of Botulinum Toxin On Wrinkles

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that paralyzes muscles. By preventing your forehead or skin near your eyes from moving and creasing, the appearance of wrinkles is diminished. The effect of the injections works on muscles that control movement and not your skin, which feels sensations. This is why your face isn't numb as a result of the treatments. Instead, your face takes on a relaxed appearance that can make you look younger.

While it may sound extreme that you won't be able to move your facial muscles, the results look natural and enhance your appearance when you have the treatments given by a qualified professional.

How The Injections Might Prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles develop for many reasons, and repetitive movement that causes creases is one of them. Also, sun damage and skin type matter too. So while the injections might reduce the development of wrinkles, they probably can't stop wrinkles from forming completely. They are able to slow down wrinkle formation by keeping the muscles in your face relaxed so you aren't constantly creasing your skin. This is similar to the old Hollywood beauty secret of sleeping with tape on your facial wrinkles to keep you from moving them, except the injections work 24 hours a day and are more effective.

The key is to keep up with the treatments over the years. Simply getting the injections once or occasionally won't work as well at preventing future wrinkles as getting repeat treatments as soon as an injection wears off.

Considering the treatments might pay off with prettier skin when you get older, you may wonder when you should start the injections. Consult a dermatologist or other medical professional who provides Botox injections for an evaluation of your skin. Age isn't as much of a consideration as your skin type and condition. Just remember: if you want to keep your wrinkles from showing or take the treatments to prevent future wrinkles, you'll need to have the injections repeated on the schedule recommended by your treatment provider.