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Four Things A Medical Professional Should Know About Botox Injections

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If you are a medical professional, you are likely to be familiar with the idea of Botox. More people today are undergoing this treatment than ever before, and it is likely to continue to grow in popularity due to our aging population. Botox, for most applications, is a cosmetic procedure. However, before you can administer these injections, you need to get certified. The following are a few things you need to understand if you want certification:

You don't have to be a medical doctor

To receive Botox injections, a person needs to get a prescription from a doctor; however, the injections do not need to be done by a medical doctor. These injections can be given to patients by medical professionals that include not only doctors, but physician's assistants and nurses as well. However, not all nurses will qualify. Nurses will need to be licensed with a bachelor's or master's degree. You can also get certification if you are a dentist or a prescribing pharmacist.

It doesn't take long to become certified in Botox injections

You should enroll in a course that is approved by the Aesthetic Medical Educators Training organization. This is the foremost authority in Botox injection procedures and everything related to them. You will spend time learning everything that is specific to the procedure, building upon all the skills you currently possess. If you have the time you can take a single-day course, but there are often classes of shorter duration that are taught in a two- or three-day period.

There are a few things you will need when you enroll

When you enroll in a Botox course, there are a few things you will need to provide prior to the day or first day of the course. Along with payment, you will need to provide your diploma and, depending upon who is teaching the course, you may also need your transcripts from the school you attended.

Doctors can hire qualified nurses

If you are a physician, you can hire a registered nurse who has this certification or have one of the nurses on your payroll take the course. You can also hire an independent contractor. If you are a nurse, you can operate your own practice and contract your services to various doctor's offices. Many professional nurses find their incomes to be much higher simply by focusing on Botox injections.

In terms of noninvasive cosmetic procedures, Botox injections have become the most favored treatment today. As a medical professional, this opens up many opportunities. Doctors can expand their services and increase their revenue. Physician's assistants and registered nurses can expand their skill set and make themselves more valuable in the job market. It is something worth considering that can create more opportunity in your future.

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