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What Is Derma Needling, And Is It Safe?

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Derma needling is becoming a popular trend in skin care, but there's a lot to unpack about it. How and where you have your derma needling done can make a big difference in the look and safety of your skin. Here's what you need to know about this procedure and the only safe ways to have it done.

What it Is

Derma needling is what it sounds like — it's the needling of the skin. Tiny, thin needles are used to puncture the skin repeatedly. It's sometimes an uncomfortable procedure, but the benefits are touted to be well worth it.

Its Benefits

Derma needling does something important. It creates a tiny injury in the skin. This might sound like a bad thing, but since it involves using incredibly fine needles, it really isn't.

These tiny puncture wounds are immediately identified by the body, and the body goes to work repairing them. This means pouring all your resources into the tiny puncture marks. Skin that was previously saggy, thin, and weak comes back looking plump, smooth, and less wrinkly courtesy of this procedure. That's because as the body is repairing the damage, it applies a higher concentration of collagen to the area than your skin typically gets.

Early on in life, collagen is plentiful and gives your skin its youthful appearance. But as you grow older, the body stops producing as much of it, and skin sags as a result. By undergoing this procedure, your body will produce more collagen temporarily to repair the areas, and your skin effectively bounces back as a result.

Getting It

The important thing here is that derma needling is completely safe — if you have it done by a professional. At-home derma roller kits do exist, but they're extremely dangerous.

First off, most people doing derma rolling at home have no training in the procedure. So you might puncture too often or too deeply. Secondly, derma rolling can introduce all kinds of nasty bacteria that live on the surface of your skin into the deeper layers after the punctures have been made. This is why you should only receive this treatment from a dermatology practice. They have the training that they need to perform it and will make sure that your skin is completely clean and sanitized before starting to eliminate the risk of this happening.

Derma needling is a great method for giving your skin its prior appearance quickly and easily, with no significant risk to you, so long as a dermatologist is the one doing it. Make an appointment and start reaping the benefits for yourself.