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Why More People Are Using Botox At A Younger Age

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Botox has been well known for several decades now, but in the past, it was often thought of as a cure for older men and women, rather than something targeted at young people. However, that has changed slowly but steadily, with more people in their 20s and 30s getting Botox than ever before. What has prompted this shift and should you be getting Botox now as well? Here are a few reasons why Botox has become more popular with people on the youthful side of the age range and how it can help you feel better about yourself as well.

Botox Does Not Reverse Aging

A lot of people assume that Botox will wipe out wrinkles you currently have as some sort of miracle eraser. While Botox can certainly lessen the effects of wrinkles in targetted areas, it is better at preventing new wrinkles from forming rather than fixing old ones. That is why so many people are starting botox earlier so that they do not form wrinkles that will then become impossible to remove later on in life. While botox can certainly help older men and women, its best benefits are seen on younger patients who are looking to keep their youthful look.

Can Reduce Redness

Botox is primarily used in the fight against wrinkles but there are some side benefits that people of all ages have enjoyed. Younger people who are looking for a more even complexion can benefit from Botox as it can reduce redness. The causes and effects of this are still not that well known, but because Botox is a neurotoxin that affects the nerves (in a temporary and safe way) it is safe to assume that this also affects the pigment and reduces blemishes while the Botox is in effect. Always check with your Botox doctor for more information if you are unsure about anything.

Targetted Areas

You do not need to get Botox all over your face, if you are seeing wrinkles only form in one spot then that is all you need to get done. This ability to pick and choose where you get Botox done is very attractive to younger clients who want to keep a more natural look while also stopping the creation of wrinkles in the places where they most commonly form. Whether that is the forehead, corner of your eyes, chin, or cheeks, Botox can be done in any or all of these places and it is all down to what you think is best.