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Answering Your Questions About Laser Hair Removal

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Although body hair is a natural part of the human body, many people try to keep it shaved off in various areas. The reason why is because too much hair can make some people feel unattractive, such as when wearing bathing suits. For example, wearing a bikini that has a high-cut bottom can make it difficult to fully cover up pubic hairs. Many individuals also feel embarrassed to lift up their arms when there is a lot of hair in their armpit area, which is why they shave on a regular basis to keep hair growth under control. If you are tired of shaving off your body hair on a regular basis to keep it under control, consider undergoing laser hair removal.

What Is the Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

The laser hair removal procedure will begin with the area that you want treated being thoroughly cleansed to prevent an infection. Since there is a small amount of pain involved with the laser hair removal procedure, numbing gel might be applied to your skin to provide comfort. The specialist will wait before beginning the procedure after the numbing gel has been applied to allow it to begin working. Due to the damage that a laser can cause, you should wear protective eyewear during the hair removal procedure, which will be provided by the specialist. After everything has been properly prepped, the specialist will begin using a laser to vaporize your hair.

Are There Any Side Effects to Know About?

As long as you ensure that the laser hair removal procedure is performed by a professional, there should only be a few side effects to be concerned about. The side effects are minimal, including swelling, red skin that should get better after a short while, as well as slight discomfort. If the procedure isn't handled professionally, side effects could include the appearance of blisters, or even scars from the skin getting burned. An infection can also development, but it isn't likely if the procedure is performed by a specialist.

How Long Does It Take for Hair to Regrow?

You will need to undergo several laser hair removal sessions before most of the hair is gone. However, you should see results during the first session. The speed in which hair regrows can vary between each person, but it is common for the hair to remain gone for several months or even years. You might need to get occasional touch-up hair removal sessions to keep the hair away. Contact a laser hair removal service for more information.