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Got Bunny Lines? Two Treatment Options to Remove Them

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Bunny lines are the lines that you get on each side of your nose. The lines may be there all the time, or you may only see them when you squint. If you do see them constantly, there are treatment options to help them go away, two of which are listed below.  

Use Botox

Botox is a toxin that is used to treat wrinkles, as well as migraines, lazy eye, and muscle spasms. See a dermatologist to have Botox done on your bunny lines. For the procedure, the doctor will first speak with you as there may be other areas of your face you would like to have Botox used, such as wrinkles around your lips or crow's feet, which are the wrinkles that appear around the eyes. The doctor could likely do all of these in the same visit. 

Botox is injected into the wrinkled area. How many injections you have will depend on how many wrinkles you have and how deep the wrinkles are. The doctor will first clean your face to remove all makeup, oils, and other impurities, and then do the injections. After the injections, you may have a little swelling and redness, but this generally goes away quickly. 

You will have to return to have Botox injections again as this will not last forever. How long the injections last will depend on your personal situation. Your dermatologist can give you information about this. 

Use Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that is found in your joints. This acid is important as it lubricates and cushions the joints in the body. Hyaluronic acid is also used to treat wrinkles and other cosmetic problems. A dermatologist can use dermal fillers to treat bunny lines. The filler is made of a gel and is injected into the wrinkled area. Once injected the gel fills in the wrinkles making them disappear or become much less noticeable. 

After getting the injections you will see some results immediately and notice it continues improving over the next few weeks. Just as with Botox dermal fillers do not last forever so you have to return to have the filler injections done again when you start seeing your bunny lines coming back again. The doctor will tell you how long you should expect this to last. 

Your dermatologist can give you much more information about Botox and dermal fillers.