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Will Facelift Dermal Fillers Work For You?

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If you're thinking about getting a facelift, know you have options besides completely going under the knife. You can consider facelift dermal fillers instead, which can help fill out your face where you have thinned due to age, gravity, or even weight loss. With dermal fillers, you can have the natural yet noticeable results you desire.

However, anti-aging dermal fillers only go so far and they are not for everyone. Only your cosmetic surgeon can decide for sure if your face could benefit from facelift dermal fillers, and you can find out by having a consult with your cosmetic surgeon. Will facelift dermal fillers be a good fit for you? Possibly—use this guide to find out.

You have mild sagging or hollowing in your skin

Anti-aging dermal fillers will work best on patients who have mild sagging and hollowing, such as thinning in the cheeks or laxity in the jawline. Otherwise, even with facelift dermal fillers put in, the results can be lacking and can also look unrealistic.

If your skin issues are mild and you just want some fullness around your jaw or in your cheeks, the facelift dermal fillers can work great for you. The results will be subtle but noticeable, and you can enjoy having your skin look and feel healthier and more youthful.

You have realistic expectations for what dermal fillers will do

A surgical facelift pulls your skin back and has excess skin removed so the results are more permanent and drastic, even if only a mini facelift is done. By contract, facelift dermal fillers simply fill in the areas of skin that are sinking in and wrinkling, allowing the skin to look plump and youthful again. No filler is designed to last permanently, so when the fillers have worn out, your skin will go back to its natural appearance again.

If you have realistic expectations for what anti-aging dermal fillers can do, then consider getting them for yourself. You can experience more confidence in the way you look without having to go under the knife, and as a bonus, you can choose to get more fillers as you go if you start small. Once you have a surgical facelift done, the results cannot be undone.

Your cosmetic surgeon will show you your options regarding facial care and can help you make the decision as to whether facelift dermal fillers are right for you. This way, you can have more control over how you age and you can feel confident in your final decision.