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What To Expect When You Try Float Therapy For The First Time

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You've probably heard of sensory deprivation tanks where you get in a pod and float in complete silence and darkness. This is commonly referred to as float therapy, and the experience can sometimes be different, although you can experience complete sensory deprivation if you choose. Here's what to expect with your first float therapy session.

Come To The Float Center Prepared For Salt Water

You'll be floating in a tub with several inches of magnesium saltwater, so think about any skin problems you might have that would be irritated by salt. If you have a sunburn or you've recently shaved, you might need to reschedule your float.

Also, floating right after coloring your hair may not be permitted. It's best to wait until the color is set so it won't rinse out as you float. Also, you shouldn't be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The magnesium in the water keeps you floating, and it's very hard to roll onto your stomach in an isolation pod, but floating while intoxicated could still be risky.

You may want to bring along flip flops to protect your feet when showering after the float. You can float in the nude for the best experience, but if you would rather float in a swimsuit, be sure to bring one along.

Plan To Relax And Experience Something New

There are different types of float tanks, so you may want to ask when you book your appointment what the pod offers when it comes to lights and music. You may want to try complete sensory deprivation on your first trip. This allows you to understand the experience you're intended to have. However, you might be able to play self-hypnosis recordings or your music playlist while you float depending on your goals for float therapy.

Sensory deprivation includes no sound and no light. However, if the idea of floating in darkness bothers you, you might try opening the pod lid to let in some light or to ease fears of claustrophobia. Float tanks often come with lights that you can flip on any time you want. The lights are usually colored so you can enjoy some illumination along with color therapy while you float.

Floats are often sold in chunks of time, such as an hour or half-hour session. You can often double up on time for extra-long float times. Your first session is a learning experience. You may find you relax deeply or that you fall asleep.

You might meditate and find your meditation to be much deeper. You might see or hear things as your brain copes with the sensory deprivation. The benefits you derive come from deep body relaxation and any possible effects the float therapy has on your mind. After your first session, you might want to float again and try meditation, self-hypnosis, or visualization when your mind is free from distractions.

If you are interested, book a float therapy session today.