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Which Should You Try: Wax Or Laser Hair Treatments?

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Wax or laser hair treatments—which is better? If you've narrowed down the top choices to wax and a laser procedure, take a look at what you need to know about these hair removal options. Read more about both options below.

What Are the Differences Between Waxing and Laser Hair Procedures?

As the name implies, waxing requires the use of wax to remove unwanted hair. Similarly, like the name says, laser treatments use laser light/heat to get rid of hair. The hair elimination method is the primary difference between these treatments. Both procedures will result in smooth, hairless skin. 

Along with the mode of hair removal (wax versus a laser), these two popular options also vary in convenience and number of treatment times. While both wax and laser procedures last longer than shaving, only one can give you months or years of hair-free legs. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), laser treatments typically require between two and six procedures. After these procedures, it's possible you won't need to worry about shaving, exing, or any other leg hair removal process for the next year or more.

How Do Laser Treatments Work?

Leg hair waxing is a fairly straightforward and common treatment. An esthetician applies heated wax or wax strips to your legs. As you pull the wax or strips off, the hair comes out from the follicle. Instead of pulling the hair from the follicle, laser treatments use light to heat the hair. This damages the follicle and delays or completely stops hair growth. 

Which Option Is Less Uncomfortable?

Waxing and laser treatments shouldn't cause pain. But you won't have the ripping or tearing discomfort of waxing with a laser procedure. Instead, the laser treatment may feel like a warm rubber band snapping your legs lightly. 

Not only does the laser offer a somewhat less uncomfortable treatment experience, but you also won't need constant monthly (or more) sessions to maintain hairless legs. This means you could go for a year or longer without any type of hair removal discomfort. 

What Should You Know About Other Treatment Areas?

Can you use wax or a laser procedure on areas other than the legs? You can use either of these options on the face, bikini zone, or other commonly shaved spaces. But, like the legs, you won't get months or years of hair-free skin with wax. You can only achieve semi-permanent or long-term hairlessness on your upper lip, chin, chest, bikini zone, or other similar areas with a laser removal procedure.