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Tips For Post-Augmentation

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For women who want to enhance their figure and increase the size of their breasts, augmentation surgery is a viable option. There are practitioners in virtually every state that offer augmentation surgery for many patients. If you're considering it yourself, it's important that you understand what to expect from the procedure and the recovery process. Here are a few things that you should know.

Plan For Rest 

You might think that, since breast augmentation is typically an outpatient procedure, you can just get back to your normal routine after surgery. The fact is that you will need at least a few days of rest before returning to work. Try to plan your surgery for a time when you can take a long weekend at minimum or even a week's vacation if you want to really give your body time to heal before going back to work.

Your Surgeon Needs To Clear Your Exercise Routine

You'll have to skip your exercise routine for a couple of weeks post-surgery. Do not go back to your routine until you've met with your surgeon and had your healing progress assessed. He or she will ask for details of your workout and typically clear you in stages, building up the intensity of your permissible workout as you recover. 

Invest In Sports Bras

One thing your surgeon will often advise is to invest in a few quality, supportive sports bras in your new size. That way, you have something supportive to wear after surgery. Make sure you wear your bras every day post-surgery so that your breasts have the support they need while that tissue heals and everything settles into place. Your surgeon can even suggest some sports bras for you if you're unsure, but front-closure bras are often ideal in this situation.

Be Patient

One challenge many surgeons hear after breast augmentation is that patients feel disappointed with the results when they first look in the mirror. Remember that, in the days and weeks following your surgery, your body is still healing, the tissue is still recovering, and everything still needs to settle into place appropriately. This can take time. Be patient before passing judgment on the final result. Your surgeon can help you set clear expectations for when you can expect to assess your actual augmentation results.

These are a few things to keep in mind when you are considering augmentation. Go into the process with patience, understanding, and the necessary preparations to ensure a successful recovery.

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