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Starting Your New Year's Off Right: Creating A New You

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When you know the new year is approaching sooner rather than later, you begin to think about all of the things you could have or perhaps should have done differently in the past year. However, rather than dwell on the past, you begin to focus on what you can do differently in the year to come. If your New Year’s goals have to do with you body and appearance, waiting until the new year begins will only delay your progress and may keep you from reaching your goals. Read More»

Four Things to Know about Recovery before You Undergo Rhinoplasty

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If you are about to undergo rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a nose job, then it’s important that you know what to expect during the recovery period. A lot of patients have false beliefs or irrational fears related to recovering from this procedure, and at the same time, they are surprised by issues they did not realize they would have to deal with. To ensure your recovery does as smoothly as possible, keep these facts in mind. Read More»

How To Maintain Nourishment After Duodenal Switch Surgery

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A newer treatment that helps ensure that people lose weight quickly is the duodenal switch surgery. This procedure essentially reduces the size of the area of your body that you use to store food, making you feel full much more quickly than a person who has not undergone the surgery. It tends to be used for patients that have an extremely high BMI and need to lose weight in order to continue to live a happy and productive life. Read More»

3 Questions to Ask to Ensure You Are Emotionally Ready for Plastic Surgery

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Getting plastic surgery can be a very positive life-changing experience. Many people are very pleased with their decision and love their new looks. However, it is important to recognize that cosmetic surgery is not just a physical change, it is an emotional change as well. This is why it is important that before you get plastic surgery you are sure that you are emotionally ready. Here are some things you should ask yourself before you undergo this surgery. Read More»

Three Lifestyle Changes To Adopt To Help Reduce Your Acne

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If you deal with acne, you’re not alone – as many as 50 millions Americans suffer from this skin condition each year. While acne often goes away on its own, you can take action by visiting a skin specialist to determine the best ways to regain your clear complexion. In the meantime, a variety of lifestyle changes can prove effective in your battle against acne. While improving your diet is a commonly known way to handle acne, there are lesser-known methods that can be highly effective. Read More»

Repairing An Open Bite Using Orthodontics And Oral Surgery

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Living with an open bite can be frustrating, embarrassing, and painful. You might feel frustrated when you see a picture that shows your the space between your teeth or when the pressure on your back teeth and joint caused by an open bite easily develops into a TMJ disorder. While some specialists (physical therapists and TMJ dentists) can help relieve your pain, a more permanent solution is necessary in order to fix your bite and eliminate your pain. Read More»

Dealing With Drain Tubes After Your Breast Augmentation Or Reconstruction

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Drain tubes are an unfortunate part of the business of breast reconstruction and augmentation, especially if you are using tissue expanders to have your chest rebuilt. Because you have foreign objects inserted into your chest, your body may try to reject them. That can lead to a buildup of lymphatic fluid and infection. The drain tubes minimize the amount of fluid buildup, reduce the chance of infection, and make it easier to heal, but you should know what to expect and how to care for them. Read More»