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Repairing An Open Bite Using Orthodontics And Oral Surgery

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Living with an open bite can be frustrating, embarrassing, and painful. You might feel frustrated when you see a picture that shows your the space between your teeth or when the pressure on your back teeth and joint caused by an open bite easily develops into a TMJ disorder. While some specialists (physical therapists and TMJ dentists) can help relieve your pain, a more permanent solution is necessary in order to fix your bite and eliminate your pain. Read More»

Dealing With Drain Tubes After Your Breast Augmentation Or Reconstruction

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Drain tubes are an unfortunate part of the business of breast reconstruction and augmentation, especially if you are using tissue expanders to have your chest rebuilt. Because you have foreign objects inserted into your chest, your body may try to reject them. That can lead to a buildup of lymphatic fluid and infection. The drain tubes minimize the amount of fluid buildup, reduce the chance of infection, and make it easier to heal, but you should know what to expect and how to care for them. Read More»