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Undergoing Laser Lipo After Giving Birth

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Many women feel insecure about their weight and bodies after giving birth, and while you may recover some of your old figure in the following months, it is usually hard for new mothers to get back into shape. Many parents find that they barely have time to sleep, let alone head to the gym or go for a run. Because of this, many women are now choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures to help shed their unwanted weight more quickly. Read More»

Three Facial-Hair Removal Recipes You Can Make at Home

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Facial hair is something that many women don’t like to talk about, but it’s not at all uncommon for woman to have facial hair. Often, women who have medical conditions that cause hormone imbalances wind up with coarse, dark facial hair. Certain medications can also cause this condition. If you’re a woman who is dealing with unwanted facial hair for whatever reason, removing the hair may be easier than you think. Read More»

Recovering From Breast Augmentation Surgery

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If you are interested in having breast implants placed to enhance your bust line, you will soon be enjoying the curves your new figure has after the process is completed. Along with the new look however comes some recovery time. Here is a synopsis of what you can expect when recovering from a breast implant surgery in an attempt to make you comfortable during this time.  Using Pain Management You will experience some pain after your surgery is completed. Read More»

How To Talk To Your Children About Your Nose Job

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If you choose to have work done on your nose, whether it is for practical purposes or aesthetic purposes, you are going to need to explain to your children why you have a large bandage on your nose and had to go to a doctor. Here are some tips for explaining your nose job to your children. 1. Explain That It’s Private First, emphasize to your children that talking about your nose job or any other health and medical issues that anyone in the family is having is only appropriate within the family, not with friends. Read More»